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Identified in the East Midlands Regional Transport Strategy as a Sub Regional hub, Boston is a key transit route, with about half of the major routes to regional airports going through it. It has been a major international shipping port since the doomsday book, and is the road and rail gateway to Skegness, as well as the east Lincolnshire gateway to east Anglia.

Post Office, Boston UKAll of this makes a nonsense of the position of Lincolnshire county council, and their assertion that there is nothing special about Boston, and thus it should be treated the same as any other town of the same size. Given that it can take longer to cross Boston (only 2 miles wide) than it can take to travel to Boston, something obviously needs to be done about the traffic problem.

Even while talking about putting the John Adams Way link road right through the middle of town back in the 1970's, it was recognised as only a temporary solution until a feeder road could be put around the town to connect both sides of the A52. Since then you have had the A16 extension pushing traffic from Spalding through the centre of town, making the need even more severe. The local MP Mark Simmons raised these issues in a UK Parliamentary debate on Boston traffic infrastructure.

It appears that Boston is going to get a Tidal Barrier as part of the Fens Waterways Link.

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