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Big Dig

In 1975 Frank Salvucci of Boston Massachusetts realised that I93 would be gridlocked by 2010. He further realised that by extending I90 you could shift lots of traffic destined for the Logan airport away from the city center. He spent the next 16 years figuring out what needed to be done and how to pay for it.

Work Finaly started on the harbour section in 1991. In 1992 the first tunnel section arrived, with 11 more arriving over the next year.

In 1993 the first section was manouvered into place. It needed to be placed in murky water with millimetre accuracy, or else a watertight seal would be impossible.

By 1995 the "Ted Williams" harbour tunnel was completed on time and on budget.

The forte Point Tunnel sprung a leak, which put the project months behind and millions over budget.

The Leonard Zachim asymetrical cable stay bridge was built to connect the I93 tunnels.

2003 the I93 northbound tunnel was finally opened. The southbound tunnel is under construction.

The story of this project is told in the book "Big Dig by Dan McNichol"